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A Turnkey marketing solution for Direct-To-Consumer brands to carefully use their ad-spend. Utilizing the best of Performance Marketing, brands can now maximize their LTV under a fixed Cost-Per-Acquisition model.

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What we do

KMG is disrupting the advertising world one new customer at a time.

We offer a results-driven approach to ensure you’ll never waste a dollar on advertising without acquiring a new customer.  We do this through a fixed cost-per-customer acquisition model.  Putting creative content in the hands of the best performance marketers in the world and acquiring customers through relevant traffic channels such as Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok), Google (Shopping, Youtube, Search, Display) and Native.

Who we are

KMG are creatives.  We’re tekkies.  We’re critical thinkers.  Most importantly we’re composed of Digital Advertising experts.  We have over 30 years of experience working with brands of all sizes, and some of the best performance marketers in the world.  We’ve taken our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and housed it under one roof with the goal to maximize your ad spend and provide a turnkey solution for media buyers.

How we work

We are not your typical agency. We are an extension of your business. We focus on deliverables. We hate time wasting. WE HATE WASTE! We want to scale your brand, and we want to do it in a manner that respects your time. We do this by being prompt, focusing on actionable items and delivering them to you when you expect them. In our diversified experiences we’ve seen how wasteful agencies can be. We believe in systemizing and streamlining a process that is completely bespoke to your brand.

The Process

We will work hand in hand with you to create click inducing content. We apply principles we’ve acquired in Performance Marketing to squeeze the most out of creatives, ad copy, ads and video content. We will marry your brand with these principles to create a fully optimized sales funnel, ensuring you are not only acquiring customers at scale, but customers that will yield a strong lifetime value for your brand.

Performance Marketers

You now have access to exclusive brands and products that don’t threaten your relationship with ad networks. Working with KMG you will have everything you need to create a scalable campaign. 24/7 support is at your disposal as well as everything you need to dial in and succeed with your campaign. Whether you focus on Social, Native, Display or E-mail – we have you covered:


Funnel Analytics

Have an eagle eye view of the customers journey through our optimized sales funnels


Expedited Payments

Never worry about cash flow. KMG is dedicated to helping your business grow by always being on time


Content Creators

Our in-house content creators develop ads, ad copy, images, and video exclusively for your brand.


Audience Data

Hone in on the ideal customer that will boost your conversion rates and help you tap into warm data that will help your campaign reach strong ROAS


Tracking and Tech

Seamless, accurate tracking and redirectless links that will give you confidence in the quality of your campaign and peace of mind in its performance


Proven Marketing Content

 As DTC experts, we are constantly A/B testing to find the winning angles, content, and funnel. Our content library is tested and proven, so all the guess work is completed.

Want solutions that aim straight at your goals
and eliminate costly guesswork?

Media Channels


"Kainero has developed my brand assets including an e-commerce style video that converted more than 15% in Facebook!"
Simon S.
"As an online marketer, Kainero has a vast selection of offers to run. Their Publisher Management team is available 24/7"
Matan A.
"As a brand owner, compliance and brand image is very important. The team at KMG is transparent and ensures my brand is protected while increasing sales"
Paul K.

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